Flemish Parliament – TV Studio in visitors centre

Audiovisual system design and Project coordination

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Flemish Parliament requested to design and build a dynamic new TV studio that could be used for events and the visitors’ centre, but also for Flemish Parliament TV. DB Video, where I was previously the CTO, was entirely in the lead of this exciting project.

This stunning new studio in the heart of the visitors’ centre is where the weekly programs for Flemish Parliament TV are recorded. But the studio offers so much more than that – it’s an actual multi-functional space ready for whatever the future holds. Combining public events and recordings in a public room. This was from an audiopoint challenging but came well in the end.

By utilising state-of-the-art PTZ cameras from Panasonic and a softwarebased vision mixer in combination with compagnion (yes, that raspberry pi) we managed to create a simple and low budget control system that was able to control the camera’s, vision router and audio console including recalling pre-defined presets. This significantly reduces the need for human resources, as it is fully operated by journalists who are now crosscombining multiple functions and still delivering high-quality results.

The new studio also features a range of other innovative technologies that help streamline the recording process and improve overall efficiency.

I’m proud to play a vital role in technical designing and building in this state-of-the-art studio, from the initial concept all the way through to the first recordings. Working closely with the other integrators was an honour, especially during a challenging time for us all.

This approach makes good business sense and aligns with our commitment to building a better, more sustainable future.

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