Tomorrowland Virtual 2020

Technical Lead Broadcasting & Keying

Around the world during COVID Pandemic

In full Covid lockdown it was needed to find new ways to communicate. We made first steps with StreamIn. A collaboration between T-C-F, Creationzz and DB Video. the Dirty workz footage was the prelude of the big show which was recorded during summer.

We all knew where we wanted to reach. We all knew that it was technically possible. But no one of the entire crew did it before in this standard, in this short timeframe. 

Days, Nights and an approaching deadline made teamwork needed to complete the well known tomorrowland madness. In the end we could be very proud of the result. It was a new way of creating emotion and bringing a well known event back to the fans.

4 stages, more than 72 hours of final content needed to be created and it was one big family who worked together to the final result.

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