European Elections 2019

Technical coordination Host Broadcasting

In 2019, I had the honor of serving as the technical coordinator for a major broadcasting and press distribution event. It was an incredible opportunity to bring together the right people, technology, and expertise to create something truly special.

As the technical coordinator, I was responsible for orchestrating a complex production with over 70 press standup positions, more than 30 cameras, and a visual reach of over 100 million people. The pressure was intense, but the experience was incredibly fulfilling.

Throughout the event, I learned so much about the power of teamwork, communication, and leadership. Everyone involved brought their own unique skills and perspectives, and we worked together seamlessly to create something that truly inspired people.

The press coverage of the event was extensive, with over 70 standup positions set up for journalists from around the world. The press coverage helped to generate buzz and excitement around the event, and contributed to its overall success.

But what was most inspiring to me was the fact that we were able to bring together so many people from different backgrounds and cultures to share in a common experience. In a world that often seems so divided, events like this remind us of the power of coming together to achieve a common goal.

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