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We believe in transparant approach with the correct technical expertise. We are not delivering products, we believe in long lasting partnerships. 

When you want to invest in new technologies or workflows, you can count on us for the correct Strategic advice that makes you feel comfortable and that together with a sustainable future. 

Key services:
Strategic advice – RFP Writing – Concept design – Case Study – POC – Business Development

You can’t build without a plan. When you’re in need of CAD Drawings, Concept Schemes we provide you with the detailed cable drawings, cable lists, patch layouts or wire labels. And offcourse in the end we deliver the AS-Build files so that you’re operators always can consult them.

Key Services:
Technical Engineering -Schematic Cable Drawings – System Configuration – 
Operating Procedures

We always go for smiling faces and a good vibe. Each event has it’s specific needs, specific experience expectations and specific message towards the audience. This is exactly what we translate into reality. We’ve got a great network of suppliers and creative artists that goes the step beyond your own expectations.

With a transparant approach, timeline, productionbook and the technical expertise your event is in good hands.

Key Services:
Technical Coordination – Commissioning – Creative Communication – Project Lead – Event Manager

You’ve got your system and you’ve got your NXTGEN operators? Let’s train them! We work out your specific training schedule that gives your operators the most efficient workflow for your needs.

Key Services:
Training towards operators – Manual writings – Operational procedures

A good system needs now and then it’s maintenance. Not only to keep healthy but also secure. We can deliver a periodical support and keep your system up to date when needed. We also have certain monitortools to monitor it real time on site, or remote.

Key services:
Operational Healthchecks – Updating systems – Upgrading system


"The best way to predict the future is to invent it"

Artificial Intelligence
From Chat GPT to cloudbased AI New technologies. We stay ahead to serve you with the best knowledge.
User Trends
We believe that web applications are the key to drive you towards succes. We follow up the latest user trends and behaviors in Web 3.0
Business Changements
The Media & Audiovisual industry is receiving great changements towards the new technologies. The challenges are huge but we are on top of it.
Human Behavior
Humans are like sheeps unless they know it, then they become a fox
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